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The Privilege of Productivity

I bounced up excitedly to meet Rahaf Harfoush on the way to escorting her to a speaking gig with a corportate leadership team and within 3 minutes of meeting we were watching YouTube videos of cats, what else would you expect from one of the world’s most famous digital anthropologists? Rahaf is one of those curious and wondrous humans who finds humour, intrigue and facination everywhere she goes. her ability to see beyond the norm

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Why 2019 is the year to take charge of our relationship with technology

I was introduced to Arianna Huffington a few years ago by a dear friend Guy Kawasaki who has spoken for me several times at Wired for Wonder. I had asked whether he knew anyone influential who I should connect with who aligned with my mission to activate Wonder around the world… I nearly died when I saw her email address in an email with my name copied in. I had just finished reading her book

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How to find your confidence and be bold

Agapi literally means “Love” and when you meet our Agapi, she radiates love, joy, peace and a reminder to all of who we really are. I summons my inner Agapi when I need help – because Agapi is strong, she is kind, she is wise and she is generous with her energy – she is the type of soul you want to help. So when I need help, I image that I am Agapi and

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