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November 21, 2019 - Wonder and Wander
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The Importance of the ‘How might we’ Question in solving Epic Problems…

How Might We… Turn your questions and problems into questions that invite your brain to solve… The notion of design as a “way of thinking” in the sciences can be traced to Herbert A. Simon’s 1969 book The Sciences of the Artificial, and in design engineering to Robert McKim’s 1973 book Experiences in Visual Thinking. The evolution of design thinking can be explored in this epic article <read article here> Design thinking refers to the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design

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Fast Empathy and Slow Vulnerability – Tools for Epic Leadership.

Two of my favourite tools in workshops to evolve leadership are an emoji check-in and a simple line. Whether you’re a CEO or a business owner leading a small team, the art of getting humans to go from A-B consistently is more than just managerial goodness. Sure hygiene factors go a long way when it comes to maintaining good performance – but that lights on, follow you anywhere, do anything for you, bounce out of

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