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The tricky thing about curiosity

Curiosity is time consuming and can be really bothersome. I feel like sometimes when you get curious, you are rewarded with more lines of enquiry, more work, more conversation, more research, more connections, more discovery, more self limiting beliefs… rather than more wonder. This isn’t always welcome! When we are walking around in a state of overwhelm – the last thing we want is more to do, more to process, more to understand and comprehend.

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The difference between selfish and self love

“Don’t be so selfish!”, “That was SELFISH…”, “I can’t believe how selfish she is”… None of us want to be considered Selfish. With synonyms like “egocentric, egotistical, inconsiderate, tactless, unkind” it is no wonder! I believe SELFISH is the biggest hurdle to SELF LOVE out there and we all need to shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset and take a little time to consciously be more considerate of others. (that is basically what this entire post

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What the bleep is the wonder mindset?

10 years ago, I embarked on a self development journey that not only changed my MIND it changed my LIFE. Before we understood neuroplasticity or the power of mindset, I started neurohacking… it started to help me with stress and anxiety – but where it led me was a world of wonder. If you’ve ever thought you were not good enough. Lacked the self belief to back your decisions in work or in life. Or,

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