Steve Pirie

Steve Pirie is a serial entrepreneur, divergent thinking expert and wellness + wander addict. His naturally curious mind has led him to co-found and sell many successful businesses such as, Unleashed Travel (The company was named by BRW as one of Australia’s 100 fastest growing startup businesses in 2011 and 2012), Nurture Change, Nurture Her. Steve has fused his passion for events, mindset, education, travel, health and wellness as ‘Chief of Wander’ with the launch of Wonder & Wander, an entrepreneurial hub, Island in a box and Well travelled. A background in travel, events and experience as a commercial pilot inspired Steve to craft a coaching program “Wander Pilot” for leaders to encourage them to “take control and take flight”.

Wonder & Wander brings together innovation consulting, travel and learning to inspire a new way of thinking. W&W design experiences and programs to explore polarity, interdependence, mutual reliability, success, leadership, curiosity, creativity, diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, wonder and wander. W&W are creating a new architecture and design for problem solving through exploring the senses and understand that the journey is just as important as the destination. We are coaches and mentors who challenge the status quo with our Wonder and Wander Mindset Programs to unleash innovative thinking in your world.

In 2018 Steve launched Island in a box, a turn-key solution to turn your idea into a profitable event that will build your tribe and help you connect with your community. Charter a plane, take over an island or create something else truly unique for your next conference or gathering. Coming in 2019, he will launch Well travelled is a Global hub, resource and travel eco-system that brings health, wellness and fitness together in unique formats and locations.