Salim Sader

We are delighted that Goalcast and The Daily Goalcast co-founder Salim Sader is joining us as a partner and contributor at this years EVOLVE event in Bali.

Cyrus Gorjipour and Salim Sader are the co-founders of Goalcast, the most impactful personal development brand on social media.

With over 27M fans and 500M video views a month, Goalcast empowers millions of people to live life with purpose. More than a content production powerhouse, Goalcast connects human beings seeking truth and authenticity.

When Cyrus and Salim created Goalcast in 2016, they were both disillusioned by the traditional academic system.

Cyrus had suffered through years of low self-esteem and depression before discovering a psychological concept called the internal locus of control, the belief that you are responsible for your own success. This powerful mindset reframe helped him turn his life around, and made him wonder why this sort of principle and tool was not taught in schools.

Meanwhile, Salim was a physics teacher, and he couldn’t bear the thought of putting students into a box and limiting the measure of their full potential to exams and grades. He and Cyrus came together to teach others how to succeed in the school of life.

Every day, the co-founders face their deepest fears and stretch the limits of their comfort zone. They embrace failure and lean on their growth mindset. They continuously challenge their beliefs and seek different perspectives in order to get closer to the truth. They use self-awareness as their compass, and trust as their net.

Through these tools, they started unlocking more and more of their own and their company’s potential — and their ambitions are nothing short of doing the same for humanity.

How evolved is that?