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We curate and produce workshops that stimulate and empower positive change. Change in your mindset, change in your business and change in you.
We open minds for transformational change through our consultancy The Wonder Tribe. From growth mindset, the neuroscience of creativity, the neuroscience of innovation, how to start a business, how to be more innovative, unleashing creativity, productivity and innovative thinking in your business is our jam.
Dreamt of producing a retreat or large scale event, but unsure on how to deliver? We are experts in event curation and logistics. Why not engage us to help you put on your event?
Welcome to Wonderland
Sarah Nally

How to code a human.

Last week, my 5 year old daughter was having a little trouble with one of the big kids at school. She had teased her about a coldsore on her lip, as if kids don’t have enough to worry about, Sienna

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Rahaf Harfoush

The Privilege of Productivity

I bounced up excitedly to meet Rahaf Harfoush on the way to escorting her to a speaking gig with a corportate leadership team and within 3 minutes of meeting we were watching YouTube videos of cats, what else would you

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