We use Wonder and Wander to develop future leaders who are Evolved, Conscious and Connected.

We believe in bridging gaps and building bridges in education, privilege, diversity to end cycles of inequality.

We unleash your inner genius to help solve EPIC problems in your business, life and community.

Come Wonder with us...


Tropical 5 star resort + Conscious Thought Leaders + Epic Problems to Solve = EVOLVE. 

Participate in a highly conscious and curated experience that will allow you to recalibrate and harness your inner genius as we bring together a truly global community of leaders from all walks of life to solve epic problems, collaborate and evolve together. As a founding alumni you will help shape the community from the outset. This is an event that will blow your mind and open your heart.

30 October – 3 November 2019

Whether you’re a coach or a health conscious human who is willing to makeover their life.
Well Travelled is for you. This is a conscious investment in health and self. 4 days to focus on your health, your business. When we travel, we take time to pause, we notice new things, we create the space need to thrive. When we surround ourselves with amazing humans who are thriving, we are inspired by osmosis to make shifts in our thinking and the way we do things.

The Wonder Mindset is an evolution of design thinking designed by Sarah Nally co-founder of Wonder and Wander. Book a workshop for your team today or keep an eye out for public workshops in your area to solve EPIC problems and  unleash your inner genius!

Warning, solving problems has never felt so FUN.

What people are saying

“Sarah and Steve build experiences for individuals and companies like no other. Their main driver is create personal impact and drive sustainable change. At a corporate level – the connection and authentic reflection of the brand has led to amazing ROI. Personally – I know both myself and the team have grown to new dimensions.”

Melissa Hopkins
CMO Optus

“Callaway Golf South Pacific would like to thank Sarah and The Wonder Tribe for creating a team building workshop with a difference. Looking forward to our next workshop!”

Beau Turner
CFO Callaway Golf

“Sarah’s inspirational and straight-up business wisdom and testimony was exactly what we needed to hear at this point of our business.”

Jenny and Jayme Park
Co-Founders Franki and Seoul

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with us. Your engagement with the team and enthusiasm for your topic was a perfect injection into our planning days!”

Cara Doolan
The Fred Hollows Foundation

“Sarah is a very talented
Producer and Event Curator.”

Nolan Bushnell
Founder Atari Games and Brainrush

“Sarah was absolutely outstanding! Her concepts were not only challenging and innovative, but highly engaging and we were thrilled with the learnings and the outcomes”

Brad Hampel
Director Solutions Entertainment

Our services

We curate and produce workshops that stimulate and empower positive change. Change in your mindset, change in your business and change in you.
We open minds for transformational change through our consultancy The Wonder Tribe. From growth mindset, the neuroscience of creativity, the neuroscience of innovation, how to start a business, how to be more innovative, unleashing creativity, productivity and innovative thinking in your business is our jam.
Dreamt of producing a retreat or large scale event, but unsure on how to deliver? We are experts in event curation and logistics. Why not engage us to help you put on your event?
Welcome to Wonderland
Sarah Nally

How to code a human.

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Rahaf Harfoush

The Privilege of Productivity

I bounced up excitedly to meet Rahaf Harfoush on the way to escorting her to a speaking gig with a corportate leadership team and within 3 minutes of meeting we were watching YouTube videos of cats, what else would you

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